Code Black Herbal Review


Code Black sent me eight of their varieties, including Black Plus, the most potent of their collection. Berry, Mango, Melon, Menthe, Original, Pineapple & Strawberry join the posse as well, albeit at a lesser strength. The packaging is a pop-on plastic container, so be careful when opening after tearing stickers so you don’t make a fireworks show mess of herbs exploding in the air and landing all over the floor…  which I most unfortunately did with the Plus.

Using my typical “scientific method,” I go for the strongest first–Black Plus. It harnesses a very natural smell, full-bodied and fresh. I burn a small pinch of herbs in my incense bowl and feel waves of relaxation. Approximately 5 minutes later I load a larger amount into my incense bowl, and began to feel the good vibrations of the blend. It is soft, tranquil, and grants a sense of well-being. The soft sound of the rain flowing from the outside at that moment felt comforting on my body.

Black Plus is a very relaxing incense, one that can even put you to sleep if you’re not careful. However, if you are inclined to stay awake, this incense has the capacity to put you in a happy place and achieve a state of pseudo zen (or complete if you concentrate your mind and have prior experience).

The other blends are only marginally weaker, but offer a variety of great scents–and for the most part they are conveniently color coded. Strawberry has red tinged herbs that release a very pleasant, almost fruity pebble-like aroma. Menthe is reminiscent of menthol. Berry  is filled with a blend of regular and blue herbs and is another succulent scent that justifies the name. The organ tinted Mango does its job equally as well. Melon comes across as faint but what’s left smells something like Starburst candy. Pineapple smells pleasing from the container but doesn’t carry through quite as well as the rest. Black Straight has the same full-bodied natural smell that makes Black Plus pleasing to the senses.

Prices are reasonable: 3g/$19.95 for the “regulars,” and 3g/$25.95 is a reasonable enough jump for Black Plus‘s price, but approaches more of a leap than a jump when you compound the prices and compare it to other champion incense on the market. Overall an excellent collection with many choices.

Black Plus
Strength: 9.1/10
Aroma: 8.9/10
Overall 9.0/10

Code Black (regular)
Strength: 8.8/10
Aroma: ~9.4/10
Overall: 8.8/10

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