Atomic Incense Herbal Review

Atomic is a big name to live up to when you brand your product as so. The name is a blatant reference to this single most destructive weapon known to mankind (see cover). So do Shockwave orAftershock possess similarly uncharted powers in the world of herbal incense?… Well, it would be a bit of a hyperbole taking it to that measure, but there’s no denying Shockwave’s explosive energy and Aftershock’s less-pronounced but equally as potent powers. This in fact makes Aftershock a particularly great choice for moderate users looking for a more subtle but evenly powerful experience.
The aroma is clean and pleasant. There is no pronounced artificial scent—the smell is very natural and inviting to the senses but remains irrefutably general in comparison to others (those of you looking for bombastic scents, head towards Euphoric Potpourri’s others soon-to-be-reviewed products—Euphoric Orange and Purple Rain). Interesting that with such a powerful name as atomic the blend would burn so mildly, but its a welcome mild and I have no problem with their choice to approach this aspect with simplicity.
These are both excellent products. It’s not quite obliterating like an atom bomb, but it is dynamite, and there’s no room for denial in that. Highly recommended.

Strength: 8.8/10

Aroma: 7.7/10
Overall: 8.7/10

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