“Amsterdam Attic” Triple Review

“Amsterdam Attic” Triple Review

We’ll kick off this Amsterdam Attic review extravaganza with their most wallet-friendly selection. Da Purps‘ scent bears an uncanny resemblance to the sugary delight of Fruity Pebbles, and its aromatic power packs something similarly delicious. The herbal equivalent of a nice colorful, flavorful bowl of delicious cereal, fine ground and well mixed. The price is just as sweet too at $12.99/3g ($4.33/g), making this a tasty treat on the go for cheap. Its effects are sweet and soothing,  and trickle down after a half hour or so.

: 8.3/10
Aroma: 9.5/10
Overall: 8.5/10

Special Reserve sports a classic Jack Daniel’s-eque design and displays a reasonable price tag of $24.99/3g ($8.33/g). I must mention the clear backs on the bags are wonderful (sorry, didn’t take photos); what you see is what you get, no BS blends hidden from consumers. It owns up well enough as a more potent pick over Da Purps; still nothing wild, still nothing tame. Also like Da Purps, its herbs are colorful, even more saturated and enticing. The scent isn’t quite as sweet and succulent as its sugary cousin and resembles a more traditional spice scent with a sweet tinge to it. Seeing as how the price tag is almost double of its younger cousin, this may prove a difficult pick for a value buyer between the two.

: 8.8/10, Aroma: 8.7/10, Overall: 8.7/10

Grand Reserve boasts a hefty price tag $59.99/3g (~$20/g) and sports a very royal, similar but more ordained design than Special Reserve. The herbs are fluffy and lime green, with a classic and pleasing spice scent. Is it worth $20/g? It’s difficult to say with cheaper alternatives that harness similar potency, but Grand Reserve is still a champ. The aroma carries waves of mild euphoric sensations through the forefront and top of the head, radiating out through the rest of your body. It doesn’t require much burning either. Relatively expensive yet excellent quality, Grand Reserve comes very highly recommended if you’re willing to shed a decent wad of money for some sure-shot incense.

Strength: 9.5/10, Aroma: 8.8/10, Overall: 9.4/10

If you’re looking for a bargain at the attic Da Purps is where it’s at. Special Reserve is a worthy step up, andGrand Reserve is the undisputed king of Amsterdam‘s attic but it’s royally expensive. I highly recommend surveying their catalog–it is much more extensive than the 3 reviewed here.

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