Ak Incense Review

“AK Incense” Review

I can’t speak too much in the way of aesthetic from what I received from AK Incense, so I’ll speak brief on the subject. I was mailed a larger bag with a paper sticker displaying the company name and consumption disclaimer, containing  3 sample baggies of varying strengths–Lite, Original, and Extreme–pretty simple system if you know what’s in the bag, but due to heat and shipping conditions the labels arrived smudged and completely illegible. The herbs are soft and moist, near the brink of too moist but not quite on the ledge of problematic.

I hold no reservations about the smudged writing seeing as it’s a sampler and use it merely to drive the point that there is in fact a discernible difference between the three strengths. Not just a matter of sprinkling a little more active ingredient and slapping a different label and accompanying price tag. Pinpointing the powerhouse and the “underling” as well as the middleman doesn’t necessitate excessive diligent detective work. Lite is nice and chill, not underwhelming if you know what to be expecting. Original is a good middleman, but the powerhouse of the batch, Extreme, is indeed the standout of the trio. For the average length of approximately 30-40 minutes the aroma will induce relatively heavy and desirable effects as relaxation and lightness of being. The almost inevitable post-sedation factor is also relatively heavy. AK is certainly better than OK. Certainly worth a shot, perhaps even rounds.

Strength: 8.0/10 (Lite) -> 8.9/10 (Extreme)
Aroma: 8.8/10
Overall: 8.8/10

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