Afterlife herbal incense review

“Afterlife” Review

Afterlife is another new brand popping up in store displays these days. Even my local shop began supplying Afterlife last I visited. A name like Afterlife and the visions of vicious apparitions leering at the consumer from the package lead me to believe that this one could pack a real wallop and send you to the great beyond metaphysically.

The blueberry carries through, though somewhat harshly. The herbs are a little moist, nicely arranged, but have a high stem content. Afterlife’s aroma seems to have a pretty quick onset. Within a few minutes a feeling similar to that of a blanket softly covering your body initiates. The feeling is also heavy, and lethargy is near inevitable. The sensation increases throughout the next 15 minutes or so.

If the human afterlife comes in the form of a light nap about 45 minutes later after burning this incense, the blend is indeed accurately titled. Needless to say Afterlife didn’t meet my full expectations and probably won’t carry on as a household name, regardless of how promising the badass packaging art is. As fast as the onset is, Afterlife fades like a ghost into transparency after approximately half an hour.

Strength: 8.4/10
Aroma: 8.7/10
Overall: 8.4/10

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