Bayou Blaster Herbal Incense review

Having only tried Bayou Blaster from Dascent’s product line-up due to local availability, I hope to sample the rest of their inventory when possible.

Depending on which scent you purchased, the aromas vary significantly. A sniff of the original is a kick in the nose, very pungent. The Strawberry variety maintains the pungency to the nostrils but is sweet and savory to the palette. The Sugar Cane scent is much smoother and my personal favorite.
After lighting the incense, effects are almost immediately noticeable and very pleasant. The aroma produces a rush that lasts for around 15 minutes depending on amount burnt, followed by mild waves of pleasing psychedelia noticeable for up to over an hour later.
Strength: 8.3/10
Aroma: 7.5-9/10
Overall: 8.5/10

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