Jonny Clearwater’s Cloud 9″ Double Staff Review

Jonny shipped an extremely generous sampler including all 15 available varieties the company has to offer. Virtually every scent passes with flying colors. The blends are the same save for the fragrance, but the scents are so incredibly diverse it pretty much makes up for the lack of varied formulaic qualities. The herbs are finely ground, a little dry and crunchy, almost at an optimal level.

Available are: Apple Cider, Black Cherry, Blueberry (Blueberry Hill), Blackberry Cola, Coconut (“White Trash Honolulu”), Cotton Candy (Spin Spin Sugar), Cream Soda, Exotic Tropical Medley, Graham Cracker, Japanese Plum, Passion Fruit, Red Licorice, Watermelon (Juicy Lucy) and Wild Berry (EViLDeD’s Mario Madness).

Every scent is about as good as anyone can expect from burning incense relevant to the various fragrances. The herbal formula that provides the foundation for each scent produces a warm, radiant sensation that both relaxes the body and pleases the mind. Clearwater’s quality blend is great incense to burn just about any time of the day, and it’s available at a generous starting price of $20/3.5g ranging up to $100/28g for larger purchases.

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Strength: 9.2/10
Aromas: 9.6/10 
Overall: 9.4/10

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